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We provide

  • One System
  • Total Security
  • IT-Free Solution

Is NetSuite for me?

Are you evaluating CRM, ERP, Accounting & ecommerce solutions? Our clients are passionate about improving their business but were tired of paying for hardware, IT support and maintenance that never quite lived up to expectations.

They left behind traditional on-premise solutions such as Sage, Pegasus, Navision, MS Dynamics, Great Plains, ACT!, Goldmine and made savings and improvements.

Are you thinking about whether to buy NetSuite?

We can help with advice and NetSuite pricing and cost information.

Do you already use NetSuite?

We are a reliable team that can help with implementation, training and support.

Do you need help with website integration, re-design or improvement?

First Hosted Limited is a leading provider of NetSuite products, solutions and services.

If your company is:

  • Starting up or planning growth
  • Seeking to improve sales performance
  • Serious about reducing overhead
  • Held back by underperforming software
  • Burdened with IT infrastructure
  • Not getting the right advice, service or support for your business systems

What is NetSuite?

Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), On Demand, Hosted, Web based are all terms used to describe NetSuite which is a suite of business management applications delivered via the internet.

Sometimes referred to as "SAP for the rest of us", it is an affordable Oracle business system delivered via the web for small and mid sized companies.

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